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Typhlodromus occidentalis
Predator of twospotted mite


Target Pests

Twospotted mite


Crops suitable

Deciduous fruits and vegetables in inland areas.


Predatory mite which feeds on all stages of TSM. Does well in deciduous fruits and vegetables in drier inland areas.

Typhlodromus adult feeding on twospotted mite

How to use

Used as inoculative releases when mites first appear in the crop or later in the season in order to establish this predator on the property.

Supplied on bean leaves. Place the leaves on infested plants or trees.

Details available on request.


Peach leaf damaged by twospotted mite



  • Biological Services

Other biocontrol agents commonly used with Typhlodromus:



Detailed descriptions and instructions for use are provided in

The Good Bug Book - Second Edition Available from good bug suppliers

Or view or download a PDF file of the Book entry for Typhlodromus.