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Damsel Bug
Nabis kinbergii
Aphid and general predator


Target Pests

Aphids, moth eggs, small caterpillars


Crops suitable

Vegetables, sweet corn, field crops


Adults slender, about 8 mm long, pale brown, narrow head with large eyes and long antennae.

They are a fast moving general predator which feeds on moth eggs and small larvae. In sweet corn they are often seen in the whorl in pre tassel stage then the tassel and latter around the cob and silk area.

Damsel bugs are voracious feeders of cabbage moth larvae and are able to move into difficult to spray places.

Damsel bugs move quickly when disturbed.

How to use

Methods for using damsel bugs are currently being developed. For varieties that are highly susceptible to cabbage moth releases are made at the seedling stage.





Other biocontrol agents commonly used with Damsel bugs:


  • IPM Technologies




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