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Trichogramma pretiosum

Egg parasitoid of heliothis and other caterpillars


Target Pests

Helicoverpa species, loopers, lucerne leaf roller, beet web worm, potato moth...


Crops suitable

Minimum sprayed vegetables, field crops, heliothis in fruit crops.


Tiny wasps which lay their eggs into moth eggs.

The wasp larva develops into a fully formed wasp inside the moth egg.

So, a wasp emerges from a moth egg instead of a caterpillar.

Pretiosum male - only half a millimetre long

How to use

Supplied in sheets of capsules each yielding 1,000+ wasps with 60 capsules per sheet.

Place capsules in a grid fashion through the crops when moths are laying eggs.


Heliothis caterpillar - a major pest in many crops

Release rates







Will vary greatly depending on the situation and aim of release - inoculative or inundative.

60 to 180 capsules per hectare depending on pest pressure.

Best to do 2 or more releases a week apart.




Capsules placed in sweet corn

Other biocontrol agents commonly used with Aphidius:



Trichogramma "capsules" are easy to handle

Detailed descriptions and instructions for use are provided in

The Good Bug Book - Second Edition Available from good bug suppliers

Or view or download a PDF file of the Book entry for Trichogramma.


Black parasitised heliothis egg - a wasp will emerge in a day or so.