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Metaphycus sp.
Parasitoid of black scale


Target Pests

Soft brown scale, black scale and citricola scale


Crops suitable

Citrus, olives, passion fruit, figs, custard apples and a wide range of ornamentals including gardenia, oleander, ferns and palms.



How to use

Small parasitoid wasps


Mass production systems for Metaphycus wasps are under development. Small quantities should be are available for inoculative releases.


Metaphycus are generally released as adults but may be despatched as parasitised pupae inside the soft scales bodies.


Releases will be inoculative, so release wasps where soft scales are known to exist and try to control or reduce ant populations in the release vicinity beforehand.


Other biocontrol agents commonly used with Metaphycus:


Detailed descriptions and instructions for use are provided in

The Good Bug Book - Second Edition Available from good bug suppliers

Or view or download a PDF file of the Book entry for Metaphycus.


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