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Eretmocerus W
Eretmocerus warrae
Parasitoid of greenhouse whitefly


Target Pests

Greenhouse whitefly



Eretmocerus warrae is a small, parasitoid wasp which is believed to be native to Australia and New Zealand. It has not previously been commercialised. It occurs widely across the southern half of Australia on a variety of crops and weeds. Trials in 2009/2010 indicated it had good potential against greenhouse whitefly in greenhouse crops, particularly tomato. It was commercialised in Australia in 2010 by Biological Services, being found on a range of crops including tomato, eggplant and strawberry, and in many locations in W.A., S.A., Vic., N.S.W and Tasmania.

Little is known about the range of whitefly species which Eretmocerus warrae attacks but it does not control silverleaf whitefly, unlike the closely related species E. eremicus overseas. The taxonomy requires further investigation. Eretmocerus warrae is supplied as parasitised greenhouse whitefly pupae on cards, or as loose pupae in vials. A minimum of 100 Eretmocerus wasps should emerge from each card. Eretmocerus is more expensive to produce than Encarsia but its greater tolerance of conditions of high and low temperature and low humidity, and will be very useful as a control supplement during periods when Encarsia are not sufficiently active especially in the middle of summer.


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